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Bizarre Rotary Tattoo Machine

Product name : Bizarre Rotary Tattoo Machine

Item : NS-RM037b

Price : 0-USD60

Details :
Bizarre Rotary Tattoo Machine
Features and How to use
The Bizarre has infinitely adjustable softness (give), to be controlled by the control screw
on the top of the machine; it can be controlled by your fingers or by a Hex (Allen) key.
1. It is adjustable softness |stroke, controlled by a screw on the top of the machine.
For harder works (lining or color packing), turn the control screw clockwise. For softer
works (shading), turn the control screw counterclockwise.
This machine is capable of hitting very softly compared to the best conventional coil
shading machines.
The control screw for the softness|hardness on the top side and inside of the machine, and
is therefore protected in case the machine hits the floor.
2.Each Bizarre machine comes with a wrench adjuster that customizes the control screw for
softness hardness. Soft or hard works all with the same machine! And only need 5 seconds to
turn it from a liner to a shader without the need of touching the power supply.
3.The needle retainer gets a perfect stabilized needle, thus it is no need for the rubber
4.Improved tube vice locking system for the grips.
5. Easy to plug/unplug the motor-engine from one skyscraper into or out of another one with
different needle configurations.
Technical Details:
1.The Bizarre can be set up to hit at short, medium, or long strokes by simply changing the
interchangeable excenters on the motor- engine. It is capable of hitting at any stroke
length from 3.2 mm up to 4.4 mm to suit your needs, for maximum efficiency and for the
shortest healing times. It has a new concept, a new round external piston causes minimal
friction on the drive system, the motor and the engine is running more freely and cooler.
2. The Bizarre is Ergonomic design and well balanced, together with the motor-engine, weighs
only 110 grams (3.8 oz).
3.The Bizarre is perfectly CNC-machined from a solid block of aircraft aluminum and then
Designed for use with standard needles, tubes, grips, and power supplies.
4.Linear armature motion.
Adjust the speed by the power supply to 3.000 ~ 10.000 stitches per minute.7-13 volt.
It is Low vibration, low noise, easy handling and flexibility, no tuning, no trouble.
It is the Bizarre from the Bavaria!
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