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Laser romoval machine

Product name : Laser romoval machine

Item : NS-TA144

Price : 0-USD1500

Details :
 Laster Remover Machine 
1 weight 14kg 
2 Function wash the tattoo and beauty 
Detailed Product Description
1 laser for tattoo removal                                                              
3 washing colorful tattoo                                                               
4 Remove freckle 
5 newest portable type 
Beauty Q-Switch Laser for tattoo removal 
♦ 1. Aiming beam for specific treatment target.
♦ 2. Special designed cooling system ensures constantly working;
♦ 3. Micro computer system counts the shots;
♦ 4. No injury to normal tissue;
♦ 5. Remove pigmentation without side effects or scar;

Washing eyebrow

♦  the normal blue, black tattoo:

Set out the light speed of 3 or 5 times/ sec, they turned their guns away finger, wash it first time, 10-20 mimutes after returning to color, they turned their guns away from the skin two or three fingers wash your second time around, further strike broken pigment, promoting the body to absorb; a half month after the review, there is not expected to wash faded the second time.
♦ The skin defects has been spinning eyebrow:
Set out the light speed is 3 times/second, they turned their guns close to the skin, increase skin turned their guns and point of view, you can only wash it again; a half moths after the view, there is not expected to wash faded the second time.
♦ removing brown eyebrow tattoos:
Idemitsu set the pace for 3-5 times, they turned their guns away from the skin around three fingers, can be washed with a dark wash again; a half months after the review, leaving only the red pigment green wash later. With the green light when they turned their guns away from the skin of about 12 that can be.
Technical specification
♦ Laser type: Q-switched laser
♦ Wavelength: 1064nm & 532nm
♦ Spot size: 2-5mm adjustable
♦ Cooling system: Air cooling pius close water circulation cooling
♦ Pulse energy: 1064nm:Max 600MJ; 532nm:Max 300MJ
♦ Pulse duration: <10ns
♦ Repetation rate: 1/2/3/4/5Hz adjustable
♦ Operative interface: 6" dual color button screen
♦ Power supply: 500W
♦ Continue working time: 1-2 hours
♦ Electrical requirements: 110-110V/ 50-60Hz; 230-260V/50-60Hz
♦ Dimension: 45*26*27(L*W*H)
♦ Machine net weight: 14KG
laser for tattoo removal
ODM and OEM service offered.
Buyer private design service offered.
Buyer private label service offered.
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Now,we are willing to work with some companies on exclusive distributor basis,if you want to get more info.Please get back to me.
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